How can I get my child’s school to use the GPS tracking system?


For further information regarding the same, you can contact us on our provided number where we would give you the full details and benefit of our services. After that you just have to hold a meeting with the principal of the school and convince them to contact us and have our services. 

How can I get my child’s school to use the GPS tracking system?2021-05-17T15:03:56+05:30

Will GPS tracking invade student’s privacy?


No, it wont affect the privacy of the student as the tracking is done during his/her transit to school and vice versa not in between or after school. So the privacy of the students are not being challenged.

Will GPS tracking invade student’s privacy?2021-05-17T14:55:28+05:30

How it impacts a schools reputation?


It definitely improves the image of the school. It expresses the concern that the school authorities lay on the safety of their students, creating high impression on the parents. 

How it impacts a schools reputation?2021-05-17T14:54:24+05:30

Does agreeing to have this app mean I have to sit in front of computer all day?


This is a frequently asked question and the answer to it is “NO”. While in most of the GPS system, You would be supposed to sit before the computer, because of myskoolbus being a mobile app, you don’t have to waste precious time in from of computer for locating the bus, with our user friendly app you would get timely updates and alerts of the students transit. 

Does agreeing to have this app mean I have to sit in front of computer all day?2021-05-17T14:53:30+05:30

How will I know if something went wrong?


GPS tracking systems are the proposed solution to avoid the involvement of school buses in rising road accidents. When an uncharted event takes  place then the parents and admin app of myskoolbus app receives alerts regarding the the happening of something out of the ordinary. The abnormal events could be the school bus taking a wrong route or unnecessary engine idling or even unscheduled stops.

How will I know if something went wrong?2021-05-17T14:51:18+05:30

Will climate change affect GPS tracking?


A GPS tracker is a satellite based system and  is capable of working under most weather conditions. The principle behind working of GPS is Line of sight. For receiving the accurate position of an asset the device must be in line or visible to 3 or more satellites simultaneously. This can be serious issue when it comes to heavy clouds when the line of sight is broken. This could mount to error in detection and triangulation of the asset location. Despite this there is no alternative method of tracking that could equally match the capabilities of a GPS tracker.  

Will climate change affect GPS tracking?2021-05-17T12:30:14+05:30
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