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Track and manage employees out in the field with msbtracker. Turn your employee’s smartphone or any feature phone into a cutting-edge employee location tracking and mobile workforce management tool. Set up a proper custom tracking and worksite geo-fencing to monitor site attendance.

Automate operations workflow by triggering alerts for exceptions involving people, time, and place.


On-demand location

On-demand employee location tracking with the msbtracker solution. Dependable tracking using hybrid positioning for the indoors and outdoors support.

Rich visualization dashboard

View real-time employee location, activity, and job status on a map. A visual command and control dashboard available via the mobile app or web app.

Automate operations workflow

Create work rules based on places, time, and people. Get alerts or reminders based on any events in the field. For instance: delays/deviations, arrive/depart, and more.

“Always on” GPS tracking and geo-fencing

Real-time employee tracking and site attendance monitoring using geo-fencing. Get notified upon arrival or departure. Get automatic location history reports as well.

Team location sharing

View your team location directly with the help of an app. Members can share locations and can communicate with others in the field. It supports the custom logic of “who sees what”.

Smart reminders and notification

Do employees forget to clock in/out? No problem. Now set up reminders based on their work schedule. For instance: not clocked in, app is turned off, etc.

Routing and mileage

Employees can view the best route and access directions to help with the assignments with the help of an app. The system automatically computes mileage.

Intuitive and easy scheduling

Single composite view and drag and drop UI enable you to build the work schedule in minutes. The schedules can also be imported into the system from a third-party calendar such as Outlook or Gmail.

Location history reports

Scheduled and on-demand location breadcrumb reports. It even tells you where your employees have been and which worksites they visited during the day.

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