agriculture and construction

Tracking your team and assets plays a major role in ensuring cost control, efficiency, and your business’s productivity. msbtrack brings a unique solution for both the farmers and agriculture companies to have all the necessary information about their machines and heavy equipment in just one place. 

Our devices monitor 24/7, automatically creates an electronic logbook, keeps the maintenance log, and secures all given objects with real-time location and watch all your machinery in a real-time scenario. Get notifications when entering or leaving set geo-fence.

Effective supervision which makes sure that your machinery works in a more effective and efficient way. You can easily check the consumption and compare the reality with production plans and keep your maintenance log up to date and get notifications about any of the scheduled repairs and operations.


Markets Served

  • Tractors

  • Plowing and Cultivating Machinery

  • Planting Machinery

  • Irrigation Machinery

  • Harvesting Machinery

  • Earth-Moving Equipment

  • Material Handling Equipment

  • Heavy Construction Vehicles

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trackNOW is the intelligent vehicle fleet management solution used by clients across the Globe. From small to large fleets and by companies with needs of the most different industries.

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msbtrack is one of the most innovative and advanced GPS tracking solutions. Fleet managers can easily reduce their burden with the trackNOW GPS team as we help you improve your  performance using telematics for tracking and monitoring your assets.

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