Emergency response services are called on to save lives of people in their hour of need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of patients has significantly increased and in emergency case the patients have to be rushed to the hospital as early as possible for their effective treatment. Due to a significant increase in the number of patients, the requirement of ambulance has also increased.

Ambulance services, also known as ‘mini-hospitals’ or ‘mobile-hospitals’, play a vital part in saving one’s life. In a life and death situation, every second counts for assistance. As ambulances set out each day and night to serve the patients/victims and help them to reach their nearest medical support, GPS can assist them with its live tracking and other additional features.

trackNOW‘s Ambulance Tracking System offers the emergency response crew to accurately monitor the location of their emergency vehicles helping them to save precious time in an emergency by directing the closest vehicle to the incident and helping them save many more lives.


Markets Served

  • Conventional Ambulance

  • Individual Ambulance

  • Mobile ICU Ambulance

  • Basic Life Support Ambulance

  • Advanced Life Support Ambulance

  • Medical and Nursing Care Vehicle

  • Neonatal Ambulance

  • MVA Logistics Unit

  • Patient Transport Vehicle

  • Mortuary Ambulance

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