Child security is a top priority for parents, as well as the school they go to. trackNOW is aimed at making school bus transportation safe and optimized, vertically. For parents, the myskoolbus allows them to stay stress-free about their child’s welfare and protection. Along with that, school authorities can create a wholesome environment for the students by keeping an eye on the drivers, the buses and their entire operations with myskoolbus tracking solutions.

Now easily track and monitor the movement of school buses & ensure the safety of students during their transportation to and from school.

Our myskoolbus K-12 monitoring solution is specially designed to provide school administration with a bus security system, to ensure safety of school children in transit. The solution provides insights, meaningful detailed alerts & reports on driving behavior and monitors school buses in real-time. The companion app for parents that offers information of the child’s attendance, real time location and timings of the bus, thus ensuring their peace of mind.


Markets Served

  • Pre-Schools

  • Private Schools

  • Government Schools

  • Colleges/Universities

  • School Transport Contractor

  • Educational Institutions

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trackNOW is the intelligent vehicle fleet management solution used by clients across the Globe. From small to large fleets and by companies with needs of the most different industries.

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Save time, money and ensure safety with the most robust and secure school bus tracking and fleet management software available, including a mobile app for parents. Our solution easily integrates with other applications and enterprise systems.

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