If you are going out tonight, make sure to keep these tips in mind for your safety:

Don’t look like a victim

When a predator is looking for his next victim, he will assess each and every situation to look for the one with the biggest payoff. Moreover, he wants the least hassle with the most reward. Looking confident will be a highly disadvantage in his book. Women who look unafraid are more likely to have taken self-defense courses and are more likely to put up a fight. Keep your eyes always up instead of looking at the ground or continuously looking around you in fear. When you are confident, you also look like you have somewhere to be – that is, people are expecting you and may immediately come looking for you if you are late. It is an instant put-off for an attacker.

Stay with your pals

This does not mean being attached at the hip, but has cellphones handy if someone decides to separate. Communication is a key; the group should tell each other where they will be, should they decide to separate for a few moments. If one of the group members is a smoker and everyone else is not, the smoker should either be told where to meet with everyone inside or make sure that everyone knows their location outside and not stray from that spot. If you feel like going out for the fresh air or a puff, make sure at least one male member accompanies you out.

Drink responsibly

It is alright to get high and have a good time, but you don’t want to pass out drunk and become an easy victim to predators who are looking for unconscious and vulnerable women to rape. No one knows better than you only that how many drinks you can hold, so don’t overdo it or drink a ‘little more’ on someone else insistence, even a friend’s. The only time you can afford to let go, if you must, is when you are with your spouse, a trustworthy family member or your best friend.

Watch your surroundings

The essential way to protect yourself is to be aware of your surroundings. Don’t wear your MP3 player or chat on your phone when you are walking from the office to the parking lot. This mainly distracts you from being aware, which gives anyone the perfect opportunity to easily drag you out of sight, have both your eyes and ears open to suspicious behavior. By having your keys in one hand and your phone in the other, you will be ready to take action if necessary.

Safety in the cab

Always try to use your office cab and insist on being accompanied by a security guard in the wake of the recent rape cases. Make sure that you are not the last one to be dropped. If you must take a private cab, opt for a trusted radio cab service that has GPS installed, and keep an eye on the driver’s behaviors and the route he takes. Sit confidently, keep a sharp object handy always and don’t let the driver slow down or stop midway. Take the cab right to the doorstep, and ask him to keep the headlights on and hang you enter your house.


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