Geology and minesCommissioner of Geology and Mining Industries (CGM) has approved trackNOW to  process for implementing GPS based Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring System (VTMS) for Mining activities across the state of Gujarat. CGM is responsible for collection of royalty from the Lease Holders for the minerals mined from the leased areas. The mined minerals are then transported to different parts of the country (interstate and intrastate) as per the Royalty Pass generated by Lease Holders in ILMS Application.


  • Monitoring and tracking the navigation route of vehicles transporting minerals using GPS technology to prevent illegal activities.
  • Alerts of deviation in the pre-determined route of transportation.
  • Ensuring that the mineral is offloaded / delivered at the defined location and on the decided time.
  • Real time monitoring of navigation route and reporting data of minerals being transported.
  • Use of modern tools / technologies to enable field officers to establish better control on mining activities and its transportation including driving pattern analysis to ensure there’s no loss of mineral due to rash / careless driving patterns.
  • Increased transparency in mining and its logistics activities

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You can get a variety of high-tech GPS tracking systems that the CGM has approved which are AIS 140 approved.

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