Every student who wishes to join the school bus should be given an induction before starting. The rules to be followed on the school bus should be explained to them at that time.

Students are expected to follow below mentioned rules while they are on the school bus:

  1. All rules of conduct that are applicable on school property are also to b followed on the bus.
  2. Students should not create any disturbance on the bus that may distract the driver’s attention from his/her driving. This can cause an accident and apart from the school bus, other vehicles on the road would also face consequences. Discipline should be maintained at its best during the bus ride.
  3. All students must be in their seats while the bus is moving. If possible, students should put on the given seat belts.
  4. Students should not throw anything in or out of the bus at any time. Remember, that there are other vehicles on the road and there are chances of accidents due to this act.
  5. The passage between rows of seats in the bus should be kept clear at all times. Do not place your bags or water bottles in that passage as that would hurt someone or slip if the bus puts a break.
  6. No part of the body should be extended from the window at any time as the moving traffic (maybe another bus) could just hit the hand striking out of the window.
  7. The emergency door should be used only in an emergency. Students should not touch the door without permission.
  8. The driver is delegated the same authority as the teacher to make and enforce rules for those for whom he/she is responsible. Thee students have to follow the rules and respect the driver / attendant on the bus.
  9. School bus driver holds the responsibility of each child on the bus and so, students are required to cooperate with him.
  10. In case of any emergency, students should approach the driver to draw his attentions in a very graceful manner else an accident can cause.
  11. Shouting or talking loudly is strictly not allowed on the bus.
  12. Students should not fight for the window seat. Instead, arrange for turns.
  13. While boarding the bus from school, students who have to get down first should take the front seats. That would save your and the time of the parent waiting for your pick-up.
  14. Students should inform their parents about the rules and ask for their co-operation as well.
  15. In case the driver is speeding the bus or is showing an inappropriate behaviors,  student should inform their parents/teachers/both.


School bus rides can be the most memorable ones for our lifetime with proper co-operation and understandings between the students and driver the most.

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