Maintaining a vehicle and keeping it safe to drive takes an investment of time as well as resources. Doing the same thing for the whole fleet of buses can be a complicated task. Adding schedule, managing routes, tracking the buses and it’s very obvious to see why transportation needs a technological backup to manage fleets.

Almost all the students rely on school buses for transit. Amidst all this late pick-ups and drop-offs, route changes, and maintenance problem can create various havoc’s and leaves parents, school authorities and riders demanding a change in the system. With the help of technology, school transportation services are trying to eliminate these common problems and increasing efficiency. Some of the tips mentioned below might prove to be helpful for managing bus fleet.


Automated maintenance process

Technology plays the vital role in making this task easy. Automated fleet management software can create maintenance schedules, notifies about the upcoming maintenance schedules and produces work orders.

The system is so enhanced that with just few clicks you can view the pricing information, track the inventory and arrange for orders. You can also determine about the parts installed on an individual vehicle. If any discrepancies are witnessed, software sends the alert using the specialized meters.


Easy tracking with GPS

GPS is the most commonly use technology and almost everyone is familiar with it. GPS system helps the transportation department to manage their bus fleet in various ways. Real-time tracking is one of them. It allows the administrators to monitor the bus location, keeping them updated with the unauthorized bus stops or route changes that might tend to create any problems. In case of any problem, school authorities can respond in very less time with the help of the real-time tracking system.

It helps to supervise student ridership that is actually a big relief to parents, teachers and school authorities. Students can now be issued RFID cards that tracks when student enters and exits the bus. This ensures student’s safety and relieves parents as well as makes it easier to compile government ridership reports and assure maximum reimbursements.


Paperless Filing System

Filing reports, permission slips, route maps and employee files creates a havoc at times. With the advancement in technology it is now easy to store all these data on cloud and easily access it when needed.

Switching from conventional methods to the advanced computerized system makes the fleet management effective. Having easy and quick access to data from any location saves time and helps you to stay on top of anything.

There has been a major revolution in the school transportation management with the use of technology. In a better manner, where it helps to manage things only on a single click and ensures maximum security and safety of the students traveling in the bus. However, this has reduced a lot of mishaps and parents can now sit back and relax while they send their children to schools.

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