Do you need to keep track of your vehicles and mobile assets? If so, then a GPS tracking system is your best bet. GPS technology has become more affordable in recent years, which can help you save on costs while still benefiting from top-notch tracking functionality. With the help of providers like trackNOW, it’s easier than ever to choose the right type of GPS solution for your needs.

Read on as we discuss some of their most popular types of GPS solutions and how they can benefit businesses looking to monitor their vehicles or mobile assets!

  • K-12 Solution

Child security is a top priority for parents these days. trackNOW has a k-12 solution that can track the location of your child’s mobile device, which delivers peace of mind and safety for them when they are not with you.

  • Staff bus solution

For many businesses, having many employees working round the clock in various shifts is essential. With thousands of staff needing to be transported to different cities and localities on time every day, safety and reliability are paramount considerations for those unconventional working hours – particularly female workers. Offering convenient door-to-door transportation has become an absolute must for companies looking after their employee’s interests!

trackNOW’s cutting-edge tracking and transportation system ensures that your employees are transported safely within a couple of hours. Companies can feel confident that their personnel is in good hands with this comprehensive technology.

In the modern workplace, employee productivity and adherence to company policies are top priorities. With businesses relying more than ever on mobile tools, it’s become increasingly important for employers to monitor their staff to ensure that they use company-issued devices productively.

trackNOW offers a powerful monitoring solution that can help you keep track of your employees’ activities at all times. Whether you need to ensure that they’re staying on top of their work while out in the field or want peace of mind knowing what they’re up to when they’re online, this technology is the perfect tool! Try it today and see the difference it can make for your business.

  • Ambulance solution

In emergency situations, every second counts. Whether you need to locate an ambulance in your local area fast or want to ensure that the paramedics and doctors on board are getting where they need to go as quickly as possible, trackNOW’s advanced GPS technology can help.

With their state-of-the-art mobile solution, you’ll always be able to find the right vehicle at just the right time. With real-time tracking and a wide range of powerful features, trackNOW is your go-to resource for ensuring timely medical care in stressful situations. Check them out today!

  • Logistics solution

If you’re running a business that relies on the timely delivery of goods to your customers, then having a reliable logistics solution is essential. trackNOW offers a comprehensive logistics tracking system that can help you keep tabs on your vehicles and mobile assets at all times. Whether you must ensure that your drivers adhere to their schedules or want to keep an eye out for unauthorized use, this technology is the perfect solution! Check it out today and see how it can benefit your business.

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