Safety Rules in Arunachal PradeshBus Safety is one of the major concern for every parent. Therefore, the strict safety rules should be followed by every school bus in each and every state. Here, are some of the rules listed below that should be followed by the school buses in Arunachal Pradesh.

  • It is crucial to have an inscription “School Bus” on the front and at the back of the school bus.
  • If the school bus is hired, then “On School Duty” should be displayed clearly on the bus.
  • A school bus should mandatory have a First-Aid box with necessary medicines and equipment.
  • All the windows in the school bus should have horizontal grills in it.
  • There must be a fire extinguisher in the bus, which should be visible to all the passengers traveling in the bus.
  • Every school bus needs to have the name of the respective school and its telephone number displayed on the front and the rear side of the bus.
  • School bus doors should have very strong locking and unlocking system.
  • There should be sufficient space available in the bus for the students to keep their bags conveniently and safely.
  • A highly trained and qualified bus attendant, especially a female bus attendant should be appointed to accompany the students in the bus.
  • Either a parent or a school teacher can travel with the students in the bus for additional safety purpose.

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