Child Safety is one of the most important aspect for every parent. Running a school bus facility is the most convenient option that a school can provide parents with but it also holds the utmost responsibility of picking up children safely and dropping them back home. Any type of carelessness and irresponsibility with the school buses cannot be taken lightly.

So it’s really important for all the schools to not compromise with the school bus transportation facilities and keeping a regular check on every factor that’s included in the services. Equally, parents should also keep a check whether the bus their child is traveling in is safe or not. Similarly, our country’s government has certain laws for the school buses as it is the crucial matter of concern and cannot be avoided.

So have you ever wondered that all the other vehicles, even the government vehicles are painted in different colors but not the school buses? The easiest guess to this question can be that probably it is the law that abides them to paint school buses yellow in color. And well, that’s correct!

As per the rule 178 of Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules, 1978 all vehicles that are registered in the name of an educational institute shall be painted in highway yellow color and the words “School Bus” or “College Bus” should be written in a dark color paint on all the four sides of the vehicle.

Based on Supreme Court directive, Karnataka Transport Department issued a notification last year and some of its guidelines are as follows:

  • School cabs have to be mandatory painted in highway yellow color with a horizontal strip of green color of 150 mm width in the middle all around the vehicle.
  • The driver of the school bus must have valid license to drive LMV-Transport vehicles for a period of at least four years and should compulsorily wear a light blue shirt and trousers with black shoes. And his ID is to be displayed on the shirt.
  • There must be enough space provided to keep the school bags inside the vehicle, and they should not be hung outside the vehicle or placed on carrier.
  • The bus driver must carry a complete list of all the students being ferried in the bus including the name, residential address, class, blood group, points of stoppage, and route plan.
  • If age of children is below 12 years, then number of children in the bus should not exceed 11/2 times the permitted seating capacity. Children aged more than twelve should be treated as a single person.
  • In case of preschool, if an unauthorized person recognized mutually by the school and the parents, does not come to pick the child from halting points then child should be taken back to the school and parents should be called.


Why is only the yellow color selected to paint the bus and not any other?

This is because yellow color attracts attention and is noticed quickly in peripheral vision, faster than any other color. As per doctors, Lateral peripheral vision for detecting yellows is 1.24 times greater than for red. School buses in countries like USA and Canada are also painted yellow!

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