Using vehicle GPS trackers, fleet managers have improved monitoring and security for their employers, company equipment and vehicles.

GPS trackers offer powerful network and satellite connectivity and many automated reporting features that will guarantee you always have the information which you need on hand.

Here are some ways in which GPS Tracking can assist you to improve fleet productivity:

Live vehicle speed monitoring

Vehicle live speed monitoring is always necessary and essential for vehicle safety and fuel economy. With the help of msbtrack, you will get an instant alert whenever at any point of time, the driver violates the speed limit for a certain time. You can set these alerts on the driver’s number itself so that whenever he drives faster, he gets notified of the violation quickly. This not only helps to ensure vehicle safety but also maintains fuel economy to an optimum level leading to better revenues for the fleet owners.

Efficiency reports

As fuel costs continue to rise, fleet managers and business owners seek cost-efficient and effective ways to manage their unavoidable expenses. GPS Fleet Tracking technology can be one of the most cost-efficient means to manage fuel consumption.

When your vehicles are idling excessively, they are usually wasting fuel and costing your business a lot of money. The tracking system will send alerts in a real-time scenario via SMS and mails if the vehicle idle for more than set time with the location and time stamp.

Implement scheduled checkups

Moreover, engine issues and some other malfunctions can be caused by various elements, the most common culprit is corrosion. This form of damage can be easily eliminated by performing routine checkups and maintenance by a well-trained professional. The adjustments performed at the time of regular checkups go a long way towards preventing many potential issues can help to save fleet management companies resources, money and time.

It is essential to set a specific time each month to examine your vehicles and make sure that everything is working properly. You will be able to spot malfunctions and damage during this regularly scheduled maintenance. Aside from saving money, resources and time, this is also a smart way to give your drivers an extra layer of protection.

Through timely delivery and customer satisfaction

Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is the major key to a successful business. Timely delivery and informing the customers about the current job status are the significant factors which are responsible for achieving a happy clientele. The GPS tracking system does exactly the same. It even allows you to track where exactly the fleet is on its way to delivery or service, which allows you to keep customers updated in case of any delays.

By keeping a check on personal use

Managers, via GPS tracking, can restrict the personal use of any fleet vehicle. The system even allows them to define the routes to a destination and daily working hours and notifies managers if the driver changes the path by his or operate the vehicles after the work timings.

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