Rise with the lark and work from sunrise to sundown – is the common work and rest schedule. But there are some times when the opposite happens – there are people who work from dusk to dawn. Many of these night shifts workers are women.

Professionals like call centers, medical professions etc., require their employees to work throughout the night.

It is true that a daytime job is far more convenient, especially for women. Rather than lamenting the disadvantages of graveyard shifts, here are some of the ways to makeshift work easier and more comfortable.

Try to keep emergency numbers handy

Both the police and government forces have many emergency numbers that can help citizens directly in contact with the concerned person in the system. They have a special emergency number for the women in case they need some immediate assistance. While some of these numbers are state-wise, there are some that work in every place of the country, which includes the 101 for the ambulance, 100 for the police control room and 1091 for the National Commission for Women.

Make sure to carry all your ID proofs

The police, most of the time, have patrol duties at the time of night. There is a chance that they might intercept your vehicle as a part of the normal routine check. So at that time of situation, an identity card offered by your company would be proof that is going to be very helpful. You can show it as proof that you work at the time of night shifts. An ID proof also helps you in unforeseen situations where passers by can identify you and contact your kin immediately.

So, make sure that you have atleast Aadhaar Card, Company ID, PAN Card, Driver’s License or Voter ID, handy with you.

Download safety apps

Nowadays, there are lots of apps for everything and anything, which even includes ensuring safety. Some of the apps like bSafe, Naree, Safetipin allow you to seek help and alert people when you are in any unsafe location. So here are some of the different ways that these apps would help you:

  • Helps to suggest safe routes to your destination
  • Send messages, call emergency contacts and send the current location
  • Suggest nearby police stations
  • Warn you about the unsafe spots based on other women’s feedback

Avail pickup-and-drop facility

Each and every organization that asks its employees to work in the night shifts is required to offer them a pickup and drop facility – a driver, in a vehicle hired by the company, picks up the employee from the office and drops them home. So, if your organization is not offering you this facility, then talk to your manager immediately. This facility helps to ensure that your company takes full responsibility for your safety till the time you reach home.


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